MŌR Lending: A Mortgage Company for the New Generation

Retro is cool and all the rage these days, but the mortgage industry is unwillingly stuck in the ’80s.  Mostly the industry has evaded change.  It is no wonder the mortgage world as a whole has been slow to keep pace.  There are giants in the industry who have jumped on the tech bandwagon, but they lack the personal touch that consumers still rely on when making the largest financial commitment of their lives.  MŌR Lending is filling that gap with three simple principles: customer experience above all, commitment to technology, and most importantly, True Transparency.

MŌR was founded by a virtual perfect storm of professionals.  Mel Freyre spent over 20 years on the wholesale side of the business and is known as one of the nation’s foremost Non-QM experts. Since 1999 he has been responsible for more Non-QM closed volume than anyone else in the mortgage industry. As a Senior Vice President of Sales, he has had the opportunity to manage, mentor and train many of the top Account Executives and sales teams across the entire wholesale lending industry.  Next in the lineup is Rudy Pineda who has been in the industry for over 25 years. With his expertise and attention to detail, Rudy continues to achieve industry best turn times and results for his retail clients. Roy George has a pedigree that reads like a wish-list for a C-Level mortgage executive.  With over 20 years of experience with some of the largest mortgage lenders and banks in the U.S. he leads the team with technology, implementation, and most importantly, customer experience.   Rounding out the team is Tony Albelo who comes to MŌR from outside the mortgage world. He co-founded one of Florida’s largest event companies and 3-time winner of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Companies in the U.S. He has developed and produced events with some of the largest stars in the world and was responsible for annually drawing over 2 million visitors to events. As a lifelong marketing executive, he has a keen eye for trends and catering to specific generations. Combining our strengths our MŌR team is focused on leveraging technology, implementation of best practices, and most importantly, a true commitment to our customer’s overall experience.

MŌR’s working model is straight out of Silicone Valley. Every piece of support software is cloud-based.  Their loan officers, Lending VIPs (Verified Industry Professionals), are trained on using technology to make the customer experience second to none.  Communication happens with clients any way they like: telephone, email, text, or direct messages (DM).  This is critically important because more than ever, customers want information now.  Our commitment to communication holds true for their real estate partners as well.  They have access to all their clients’ loan processes and their own portal. Real estate professionals know all too well how important it is to know where their customers’ loans stand in the pipeline of approval.

This technological edge also helps adapt to the new world and allows for True Transparency with loans and loan processes.  Customers will never wonder where their loan stands or wonder what is happening or what documents they need.  All this happens in real-time. On the client’s time. And how they want it delivered. “We’ve seen the good and bad of the mortgage world,” says Mel Freyre. “We built MŌR specifically to change the paradigm.” And this dedication to tech has other benefits such as speed to close.  Allowing customers and loan officers to interact on their own schedules shortens the approval timespan.

“There is an entire generation who has almost been ignored by the mortgage industry,” explains Albelo, “They expect to communicate and do things their way… and that is exactly what we are giving them.”  Additionally, the team has pledged to help educate the public at large with a series of articles and workshops tailored from the new homebuyer to the seasoned investor.  They are offering free loan reviews for anyone, whether they are a MŌR client or not.  MŌR will review loan parameters and let people know what to look for in the loan.  Rudy Pineda summarized, “Albert Einstein said, ‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change and we are making the mortgage industry more intelligent; by changing it.”